1 Channel Pulse to M-Bus converter :: DIN Rail Mount

SKU: PadPuls M1C

1 Channel Pulse to M-Bus converter to EN1434-3.
DIN Rail Mount
Maximum pulse frequency 20Hz

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    PadPuls M1C

The 1-channel pulse adaptor PadPuls M1C allows the use of meters with pulse output as M -Bus slaves. So for example, data from a simple water or electricity meter can central be read out by M-Bus.

Supplied by M-Bus, or integrated battery at an M-Bus failure, needs no power supply unit.

Full functional even if operated with battery.
Inputs: Floating contact or S0 (DIN 43864, IEC 62053-31)
Maximum pulse frequency 20Hz
Debouncing of pulses
Adjustable pulse values and pulse unit
M-Bus protocol according to EN1434-3
Fully parameterizable by M-Bus, including overwrite protection
Mounted on DIN rail

Supplied complete with configuration software.