2 Channel Pulse to M-Bus converter :: Wall mount case IP54

SKU: PadPuls M2

2 Channel Pulse to M-Bus converter to EN1434-3.
Wall mount case IP54
Maximum pulse frequency 15Hz

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    PadPuls M2

The 2-channel pulse adaptor PadPuls M2C allows the use of up to 2 meters
with pulse output as M -Bus slaves. So for example, data from a simple
water or electricity meter can central be read out by M-Bus.
Optionally the user can activate a tariff function, by which energy or volume
pulses can be accumulated in separate meter readings for primary and secondary tariffs.

Two separated pulse inputs
Safe detection of up to 15 pulses per second at each input
Pulse debouncing
Pulse value free adjustable
Plug-in terminals simplify the installation wiring
Unit free selectable (e.g. Wh, kWh, MWh, kJ, m3, l,...)
Counter length: 8 decimal digits
Due-date function with integrated realtime clock
M-Bus protocol according to EN1434-3
Fully parameterizable by M-Bus, including overwrite protection
Transmission rate: 300 and 2400 baud with auto baud detection
Fully operable in case of M-Bus failure by integrated battery
Case for wall mounting W x H x D: 80 x 80 x 52 mm
Two battery options available
Protective class IP 54

Supplied complete with configuration software