228 Wireless Flow Meter System - Plastic PVC Tee

228PV Wireless Series Impeller Flow Meter -  PVC Tee
Solvent Weld models 1 1/2" to 4"
Optimum Measuring range 1.5 - 6 m/s
Includes Flow Meter Tee, Transmitter & Reciever
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228PV Wireless Series Impeller Flow Meter -  PVC Tee
Solvent Weld models 1 1/2" to 4"
Optimum Measuring range 1.5 - 6 m/s
Materials ~ See Options
This wireless flow sensor system includes the flow sensor, RF transmitter and RF receiver. Installation no longer requires expensive trenching, drilling, or digging to install power or I/O wiring. The self powered flow sensor / transmitter unit performs flow measurement and scaling. The unit transmits a total flow value via an RF transmitter.The total flow value is received approximately every 4 seconds. A pulse output can then be programmed for different volume units and pulse widths.
228PV Wireless Flow Sensor
The four-bladed impeller design is rugged, non-fouling and does not require custom calibration. Coupled with the proprietary patented digital detection circuit, the sensor measures flow rate from 1fps to over 20fps regardless of conductivity or turbidity of the liquid. The flow sensor generates a frequency which is proportional to flow rate. An integral micro controller computes the impeller frequency using the appropriate K factor and Offset values which is then translated to flow rate. By means of integration, the volume total is calculated. The output signal is a scaled output pulse that can be scaled for various units and pulse widths. An internal lithium battery provides power for the flow sensor/transmitter.
Wireless 350T RF Transmitter
The 350T transmitter operates at approximately 900MHz at a power level which requires no F.C.C. licensing. The transmitter is powered using an internal lithium battery and is encapsulated to ensure moisture resistance.
Wireless 350R RF Receiver
The 350R receiver is powered using an external AC or DC power supply. The wireless receiver receives the scaled total from the transmitter. Further scaling and unit conversion can be programmed into the receiver. The optically coupled scaled pulse output emulates a dry contact closure to ensure interfacing into various types of controller inputs. Antenna options include BNC cables, BNC feed through headers, and BNC right angle adapters.
Features :
  • Accuracy: ±2% of rate
  • Velocity Range:1.5 to 6 mps (Optimum range but lower possible)
  • Repeatability: ±0.5%
  • Battery life (Transmitter) Lithium Battery typical > 5yrs
  • Connection Type:Schedule 80 PVC Solvent Weld
  • Wiring: 20' (6.1 m), 20 AWG two-conductor shielded UL type PTLC cable, rated to 221℉ (105℃), may be extended to 2000' maximum with similar cable
  • Pulse Rate: 3.2 to 200 Hz, 5 ms ±25% width, 9-20 VDC power @ 2 mA maximum; 5V CMOS and LSTTL compatible
  • Media Compatibility:Hot water, chilled water (please verify application is compatible with flow sensor materials of construction,
        check material compatibility resources prior to ordering)
  • Media Temperature Range:Maximum 150℉ (65℃)
  • Maximum Pressure:100 psig (689 kPa) @ 77℉ (25℃) media temperature, decreasing to 40 psig (276 kPa) @ 140℉ (60℃)
  • Materials Of Construction:PVC per ASTM D-2462 and D-2467 virgin unplasticized PVC resin, approved for potable water, PPS housing,
       EPDM o-ring, tungsten shaft, nylon impeller, Pennlon bearings