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  • December, 2016
    • Dec 13, 2016
      Hedland variable area flow meters give a clearly visible indication of system flow with a choice of optional electronic outputs. The traditional variable area design has been brought up-to-date by utilising a sharp edged orifice and spring loaded float to ensure operation in any orientation.
    • Dec 5, 2016
      The FloClean Sanitary turbine flow meter was designed for use in the food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Models incorporate the most-up-to-date polishing technology and all materials comply with the FDA requirements.
  • November, 2016
  • October, 2016
    • Oct 27, 2016
      Introducing the Loop Powered Ultrasonic Level Sensor from APG. The LPU-2428 sensor is designed for environmental monitoring, water and wastewater control, and liquid tank measurement applications. They are also suited to other industrial and process control applications.
    • Oct 19, 2016
      Recently added to Bell Flow System’s enhanced portfolio of environmental products is the Diver Water Level Loggers. Diver products are suitable for monitoring groundwater and surface water in various types of applications. Each instrument is designed to perform well in various types of water.
    • Oct 11, 2016
      The AquaPlus probe is a portable combined optical dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity and temperature sensor from Aquaread. Suitable for testing groundwater, surface water and waste water, the IP68 rated AquaPlus is constructed from rugged materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
    • Oct 3, 2016
      The Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter from Mainstream Measurements uses the area-velocity method giving a continuous or time sample measurement of fluid flow. The high performance meter is designed for users wanting to measure water velocity
  • September, 2016
    • Sep 28, 2016
      The CTD-Diver instrument available from Bell Flow Systems offers a way of measuring and registering groundwater level, groundwater temperature and groundwater conductivity with a single instrument, all by using a device that fits into a one-inch probe!
    • Sep 26, 2016
      The new generation of the ORI Basic Solid® sampler is now available with a new enclosure concept which has been developed to make operation more efficient and also to ensure that maintenance and cleaning activities are much easier.
    • Sep 19, 2016
      Bell Flow Systems were contracted to supply a dispensing management system to be used with water. The application called for a solution to allow registered users only, to dispense water from a large storage tank for window washing purposes
    • Sep 15, 2016
      We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website. We have updated our site by adding a new improved chat function, new product categories, integrated blog, newsletter archive section, latest news and technical support page.
    • Sep 15, 2016
      Bell Flow Systems will be exhibiting at WWEM in November this year. The event is designed for companies and individuals who are involved in the water, wastewater and environmental industry.
    • Sep 5, 2016
      AquaLink II is a telemetry device with a built in data logger that is designed to allow the user to access data remotely on the web. This cost effective monitoring system benefits from being battery powered with a lifetime of 6 years.
  • August, 2016
    • Aug 26, 2016
      Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a customer who operated five boreholes and was limited by license to the volume of water he could draw from each borehole on a daily basis.
    • Aug 22, 2016
      The TFX Ultra is a compact ultrasonic flow meter benefits from a bi-directional measuring range that ensures reliable readings at very low and high flow rates.
  • July, 2016
    • Jul 21, 2016
      Bell Flow Systems were recently asked by a well regarded UK train operating company to supply non-invasive flow meter equipment that could easily be installed to carry out short term tests of oil flows on a number of trains in their fleet.
  • June, 2016
  • April, 2016
    • Apr 19, 2016
      The latest Macnaught MX-Series Ex range of oval gear flow meters have been tested and approved by FM, DEKRA and SIRA for use in ATEX Category 2 Zone 1 applications
    • Apr 6, 2016
      This new range is available from Bell Flow Systems in sizes ranging from DN15 to DN100 and is fully compliant with the requirements of both Domestic and Non-domestic RHI schemes.
  • March, 2016
    • Mar 8, 2016
      Based in Edmonton, The Gym required the measurement of heat energy consumption as part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, along with the monitoring of cold and hot water services.
  • November, 2015
    • Nov 30, 2015
      Last week Macnaught launched two new pulse modules- the DIN Compact Pulser Module and the Industrial Pulse Cap, to compliment their MX range of oval gear flow meters.
    • Nov 26, 2015
      As strong advocates of training to boost our product expertise, our team spent two days learning about the technical aspects and capabilities of the AquaLink unit, it’s programming and how to interpret collected data via the cloud based software.
  • October, 2015
    • Oct 29, 2015
      The use of AdBlue® is not new, buses and HGV have been using it for several years. But as of September, all new diesel cars and light commercial vehicles sold in the EU will be fitted with AdBlue® tanks in order to comply with EU6 standards for exhaust emissions.
    • Oct 22, 2015
      Made possible in part through a $40,000 donation from Badger Meter, a new park opens along the Milwaukee river shoreline. The park features a disabled-accessible boat launch for canoes or kayaks as well as scenic views of native prairie grass, wetlands and oak savannas along the riverfront.
  • September, 2015
  • August, 2015
    • Aug 25, 2015
      Specifying the correct flow meter for any application is important but becomes absolutely critical in potentially explosive environments. In these situations only meters with the correct ratings and genuine certification must be specified.
    • Aug 18, 2015
      This September we are exhibiting both at SPE Offshore Europe in Aberdeen and The Energy Event 2015 in Birmingham. Come and see how we can help you with your flow measurement needs.
  • June, 2015
    • Jun 30, 2015
      Badger Meter recently celebrated their 110th Anniversary with a company executive party, held in a venue by the water of Lake Michigan.
  • May, 2015
    • May 20, 2015
      Working together with an environmental measurement company Bell Flow Systems are undertaking a widespread project to supply and install non-invasive water meters on large domestic properties in Kuwait.
  • February, 2015
    • Feb 16, 2015
      During a recent refurbishment, the bakery installed a number of sustainable heat sources and required steam meters permissible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
  • November, 2014
    • Nov 17, 2014
      Where capital outlay for permanent flow meter installations is hard to justify, the cost of hire may be just a fraction of the purchase price. Hiring also allows a company to try before they buy and the hire cost of the flow meter can usually be credited against the purchase.
  • October, 2014
    • Oct 15, 2014
      A water supply and sewerage utility company serving the south west of England have been investing in renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint and aim to have 97% of all the sludge they process digested in some form by 2019.
  • September, 2014
    • Sep 15, 2014
      Bell Flow Systems now offer a range of high performance Coriolis flow measurement devices available in a choice of design technologies with market leading features.
  • August, 2014
    • Aug 21, 2014
      We supply a comprehensive range of water meter styles, approved to WRAS and to the MID directive depending on model. Our water meters are available in sizes from ½” (15mm) up to 20” (500mm), with most meters available with an optional pulse output and remote readings options.
  • July, 2014
    • Jul 4, 2014
      The MX Ex flow meters are available in sizes ¼” (6mm) up to 2” (50mm), with flow ranges from 0.5 LPH to 500 LPM (0.13 GPH to 132 GPM) and an accuracy of up to ±0.5%. Macnaught offer two models of pulser approved for use in hazardous areas, the MXD-BS.
  • May, 2014
    • May 15, 2014
      We commissioned twelve EX201 flow meters and partnered these with twelve Cortex XDF12 remote panel displays to be used to regulate and control the water flow. Several of the latest M2000 electromagnetic flow meters from Badger Meter were also included in the project and are used to control the main
  • April, 2014
    • Apr 1, 2014
      We recently exhibited at the Fluid Power Systems Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham. The video below shows our Technical Director, Tom, talking about the innovative products we were exhibiting such as the new MX Macnaught oval gear flow meter range
  • March, 2014
    • Mar 13, 2014
      Householders can now also benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a world first financial support scheme for renewable heat that has been up and running for the non-domestic sector since November 2011.
  • February, 2014
  • January, 2014
    • Jan 16, 2014
      Since taking over the distribution of the Hedland range in the UK twelve months ago Bell Flow continue to find suitability in this massive range of models for so many industrial applications.
  • December, 2013
    • Dec 10, 2013
      The 250 year old Carron Phoenix company takes delivery of MID 2 M2000 Mag flow meters from Badger Meter. Although best known for manufacturing Taps, Sinks and waste products these days, the Carron company's illustrious heritage can be traced back to the battle of Waterloo.
  • November, 2013
  • October, 2013
    • Oct 14, 2013
      Batch Control system build shown in progress featuring three Cortex controllers specified for this blend delivery application shipped in October. Pilot solenoid valves, galvanic Isolators and high accuracy Macnaught Oval gear flow meters were all features of this bespoke package.
  • September, 2013
  • August, 2013
  • July, 2013
  • June, 2013
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