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  • February, 2014
  • January, 2014
    • Jan 16, 2014
      Since taking over the distribution of the Hedland range in the UK twelve months ago Bell Flow continue to find suitability in this massive range of models for so many industrial applications.
  • December, 2013
    • Dec 10, 2013
      The 250 year old Carron Phoenix company takes delivery of MID 2 M2000 Mag flow meters from Badger Meter. Although best known for manufacturing Taps, Sinks and waste products these days, the Carron company's illustrious heritage can be traced back to the battle of Waterloo.
  • November, 2013
  • October, 2013
    • Oct 14, 2013
      Batch Control system build shown in progress featuring three Cortex controllers specified for this blend delivery application shipped in October. Pilot solenoid valves, galvanic Isolators and high accuracy Macnaught Oval gear flow meters were all features of this bespoke package.
  • September, 2013
  • August, 2013
  • July, 2013
  • June, 2013
  • May, 2013
    • May 14, 2013
      Bell Flow Systems have recently supplied a shipment of Bulk fuel meters to the hospital facilities department, offering unrivalled performance for their price. The BM-Series range of bulk fuel transfer flow meters are a cost-effective metering option with excellent calibrated accuracy of ±0.2%
  • April, 2013
    • Apr 26, 2013
      Working in partnership with the Central YMCA, the UK's leading health and fitness charity, Bell Flow Systems have supplied and commissioned TFX clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter from Dynasonics at the largest gym facility in central London.
  • March, 2013
  • February, 2013
    • Feb 4, 2013
      Dynasonics clamp-on flow and energy meter TFX Ultra™ provides accurate and repeatable flow measurement readings for full pipe liquid applications such as cooling lines, grey water flows, water distribution and processes where system shutdown is impossible
  • January, 2013
  • November, 2012
    • Nov 14, 2012
      Bell Flow supplied 21pcs of this high specification meter, capable of delivering 50 pulses / cc at flows as low as 1cc / min. All internal seals are highly resistant PTFE.
  • October, 2012
    • Oct 25, 2012
      Bell Flow supplied and commissioned Pressure & Temperature compensated 316 Stainless flow turbine with ANSI150# flanges together with ATEX sensors and remote Squirrel data logger. NACE compliant materials were a pre-requisite of the application.
  • September, 2012
    • Sep 12, 2012
      Working in partnership with a leading UK utility metering solutions provider, Bell Flow Systems supplied and commissioned three Non-intrusive Ultrasonic Thermal Energy (Heat) meters at the Staffs County Police HQ
  • August, 2012
    • Aug 29, 2012
      During the course of building their additional new facility in St Helens, the requirement to measure a variety of flows was satisfied using meters from Bell Flow Systems
  • July, 2012
  • June, 2012
    • Jun 21, 2012
      RF working with Oxford University on this project along the Burguret River in Nanyuki, Kenya chose Bell Flow to supply remote smart metering products.
  • May, 2012
    • May 7, 2012
      The projects have included non intrusive ultrasonic heat meters featuring BACnet data-comms capabilities, as well as MID approved 'short pipe-run capable' Magnetic flow meters, once again used for heat energy allocation, measuring LTHW and CHW .
  • April, 2012
    • Apr 16, 2012
      The services of Bell Flow Systems were called upon to supply nearly €100K of temperature compensated fuel consumption meters and instrumentation capable of accurately reporting this data in real-time to the vessels Vivicom systems.
  • March, 2012
    • Mar 12, 2012
      Highly accurate ZHM low-flow meters from Bell Flow are being used at Halewood
  • February, 2012
  • January, 2012
  • December, 2011
    • Dec 11, 2011
      80 The Strand, London is now in shared tenancy occupation by both Shell and Virgin. Energy management specialists, Synetica have commissioned Bell Flow Systems to supply seven Clamp-on Ultasonic heat meters for a project to apportion and monitor energy usage within this Iconic London building
  • November, 2011
    • Nov 16, 2011
      The MFGD range of mass flow meters from Bell Flow have been successfully deployedin four major projects this month, with derived benefits including battery powered design, pressure & temperature compensation and market leading low pressure drop design.
  • October, 2011
    • Oct 18, 2011
      A well known car hire company have taken supply of seventy wall mounted fuel delivery pump kits for fleet refuelling. The Bell-60 kit comes complete with flow meter and rain hood.
  • September, 2011
  • August, 2011
  • July, 2011
    • Jul 25, 2011
      Bell Flow Systems runs new Utility Flow Meter advert in the trade pres
  • June, 2011
    • Jun 17, 2011
      Badger Meter appoints Bell Flow Systems as UK representative for it's range of Flow Measurement products. MID products including Battery powered Mag Flow meters fit very well within the existing range at Bell Flow.
  • May, 2011
    • May 4, 2011
      Bell Flow exhibit at Sustainability Live in the IWEX section, a great oppertunity to meet suppliers and customers of old and to meet new ones.
  • April, 2011
    • Apr 26, 2011
      AHS hold a meet and greet for Bell Flow at their plant in Cannelli, Italy. New products, approvals and targets are agreed and discussed over a seven course, three hour lunch... only in Italia !
  • March, 2011
  • February, 2011
  • January, 2011
  • December, 2010
  • November, 2010
    • Nov 22, 2010
      A fleet of merchant marine vessels are pilotting the use of highly accurate Macnaught fuel consumption meters to ascertain the savings to be made from "watching the needle"
  • October, 2010
    • Oct 12, 2010
      The remote outputs from several WRAS approved multi-jet industrial water meters located around the factory were fed back into the Data Taker DT80 , a powerful logging and software supported platform with Mimic capabilities.
  • September, 2010
  • August, 2010
  • July, 2010
  • June, 2010
  • May, 2010
  • April, 2010
    • Apr 16, 2010
      New orders for the SQ2010 and SQ2020 Data Logger kits from SKM follow on from earlier orders for Datataker DT80 logging instruments.
  • March, 2010
    • Mar 21, 2010
      Installation was recently completed following a successful advisory site visit by Bell Flow personnel.
  • February, 2010
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