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  • November, 2011
    • Nov 16, 2011
      The MFGD range of mass flow meters from Bell Flow have been successfully deployedin four major projects this month, with derived benefits including battery powered design, pressure & temperature compensation and market leading low pressure drop design.
  • October, 2011
    • Oct 18, 2011
      A well known car hire company have taken supply of seventy wall mounted fuel delivery pump kits for fleet refuelling. The Bell-60 kit comes complete with flow meter and rain hood.
  • September, 2011
  • August, 2011
  • July, 2011
    • Jul 25, 2011
      Bell Flow Systems runs new Utility Flow Meter advert in the trade pres
  • June, 2011
    • Jun 17, 2011
      Badger Meter appoints Bell Flow Systems as UK representative for it's range of Flow Measurement products. MID products including Battery powered Mag Flow meters fit very well within the existing range at Bell Flow.
  • May, 2011
    • May 4, 2011
      Bell Flow exhibit at Sustainability Live in the IWEX section, a great oppertunity to meet suppliers and customers of old and to meet new ones.
  • April, 2011
    • Apr 26, 2011
      AHS hold a meet and greet for Bell Flow at their plant in Cannelli, Italy. New products, approvals and targets are agreed and discussed over a seven course, three hour lunch... only in Italia !
  • March, 2011
  • February, 2011
  • January, 2011
  • December, 2010
  • November, 2010
    • Nov 22, 2010
      A fleet of merchant marine vessels are pilotting the use of highly accurate Macnaught fuel consumption meters to ascertain the savings to be made from "watching the needle"
  • October, 2010
    • Oct 12, 2010
      The remote outputs from several WRAS approved multi-jet industrial water meters located around the factory were fed back into the Data Taker DT80 , a powerful logging and software supported platform with Mimic capabilities.
  • September, 2010
  • August, 2010
  • July, 2010
  • June, 2010
  • May, 2010
  • April, 2010
    • Apr 16, 2010
      New orders for the SQ2010 and SQ2020 Data Logger kits from SKM follow on from earlier orders for Datataker DT80 logging instruments.
  • March, 2010
    • Mar 21, 2010
      Installation was recently completed following a successful advisory site visit by Bell Flow personnel.
  • February, 2010
  • January, 2010
    • Jan 12, 2010
      A well known Indian sauce producer contracts Bell Flow Systems to supply and commission three Hot water batching systems.
  • December, 2009
  • November, 2009
  • September, 2009
    • Sep 18, 2009
      A large particle board mill in Bangladesh benefits from high viscosity flow meter inclusion in manufacturing process. The products accurately metered include Glue, Wax emulsion, UF resin and Ammonium Chloride at low to medium flows of 15 - 1800 litres/hour.
  • August, 2009
    • Aug 24, 2009
      New workshop manager Evan Griffiths gets to grips with a bulk diaphragm meter, which is larger tha he is ! Evan joins us from a background in mechanical engineering and product finishing to a high specification.
  • July, 2009
  • June, 2009
  • May, 2009
  • April, 2009
    • Apr 7, 2009
      Coal, Heating Oil & Gas Merchants WG Hill & Son, called upon the services of Bell Flow Systems when they were looking for a pumping system to deliver Home heating oil within London's busy canal system.
  • March, 2009
    • Mar 18, 2009
      The first part of a large-scale contract to supply metering products to accurately dose the amount of Odorant into the natural gas used in the countries gas supply has been completed. The oderant is made from a mixture of mercaptan and sulphide and required an entirely 316 stainless steel flow met
  • February, 2009
  • January, 2009
    • Jan 8, 2009
      Bell Flow Systems supply and commission over 100 Calec Heat Integrators and flow meters for the landmark Ropemaker development in London EC2.
  • December, 2008
  • November, 2008
    • Nov 7, 2008
      Carbon Trust Initiative leads to the supply of 80pcs Kerosene Meters with Remote Digital Display The Macnaught M6ARP-1 Oil Meter coupled with a Fluidwel Remote LC Display provides an accurate and traceable calibrated solution for burner oil measurement in this industrial process in the UK's agg
  • October, 2008
    • Oct 20, 2008
      The latest consignment of 1000 pcs was recently despatched. The 2" Bronze bodied Multi-Jet water meter from our commercial Beta Range is a high specification model and comes complete with fittings kit.
  • September, 2008
    • Sep 9, 2008
      The Stryker class of Armoured assault and support vehicles deployed in the insurgency zone are supported using Generator sets fuelled by our DM100 Diesel Meter , with 100 units recently supplied.
  • August, 2008
    • Aug 5, 2008
      Tuffa oil storage tanks and stand alone fuel stations are available with free delivery to mainland UK. Buy online using secure credit card transaction, Paypal or Googlecheckout® for rapid delivery.
  • July, 2008
    • Jul 18, 2008
      This class of Coastal vessel was recently fitted with the novel additive system and performance logged during sea trials using an 8 channel data logger supplied by Bell Flow Systems, complete with Dual temperature compensatedDiesel Fuel flow meters , infra red RPM and temperature probes.
  • June, 2008
  • May, 2008
  • April, 2008
  • March, 2008
  • February, 2008
    • Feb 15, 2008
      Safer Training & Consultancy have just completed a four day ITSSAR accredited Lift Truck Operator course at Bell Flow Systems. A 100% pass rate and glowing reports from the examiner turned frowns to smiles after the gruelling course was over.
  • January, 2008
    • Jan 3, 2008
      At long last, Bell Flow Systems have moved to their new Buckingham building, offering more space and a modern working environment. Located centrally between the M1 and M40 corrridoors, with close proximity to several major airports and transport hubs.
  • December, 2007
    • Dec 18, 2007
      Large Contract for TXB Digital Gas Flow Meters awarded to Bell Flow Systems from prestigeous global HVAC company.
  • November, 2007
    • Nov 23, 2007
      Our portable race refuelling systems have been supplied to two leading teams this season, incorporating ATEX certified pumps , accurate Petrol flow measurement and statically bonded equipment for enhanced safety. Available in 12V or 230 AC, these systems can be quickly connected up to a a tank and a
  • October, 2007
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