Aqualink II Wi-Fi Data logger/alarm :: Battery powered with 2 x digital inputs, IP68 Enclosure

Aqualink II Wi-Fi logger/alarm
Battery powered with 2 x digital inputs
++ Hire per week ++
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Wi-Fi Data Logging / alarm system
with 2 x Digital state or pulse counter input.
Long life battery powered
++ Hire per week ++
Supplied in a weatherproof IP68 case with input cable and cable gland.
Data retrieval via secure server/website (access included with hire)
Online graphing and data analysis.
Download to CSV file format capability.
Google maps location and quick read.
Restricted access via  passwords.
email alerts configurable via website.
Key Features

- FREE website charges for duration of hire
- 2 x Digital inputs (Pulse or State)
- Data logger interval from 5secs up to 1 week
- Data send interval from minimum 5 minutes - normally once per day
- Logged data automatically sent to webserver.
- Long life battery powered
- Sends alarm Email messages from website
- Low battery alarm
- Battery voltage, Signal strength info updates with each data transmission
- All configurations can be changed over website
- IP68 Termination pack included with each logger
- Logger dimensions 162 x 82 x 65mm
- CE, ROHS, Manufactured in EU
- Kit includes IP68 cable connector

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