ATEX Rotary Hand Pump with ATEX Mechanical Meter BRM-8880A ATEX

SKU: GES340500300
Self-suction ATEX rotary pump and ATEX mechanical meter
For a continuous transfer
Suitable for petrol, solvents and liquids compatible with Viton.
ATEX IIG Category


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BRM-88 ATEX (SKU: 040300100)

• Self-suction rotary pump for a continuous transfer of petrol, solvents and liquids compatible with Viton.
• It is adaptable to barrels from 50 to 200 litres.
• It has built in an M2" adapter adjustable on height for the barrel fixation.
Technical data:
• Type: rotary vanes
• Capacity: 20 litres/70 rounds
• Suction tube: Ø32 mm
• Discharging tube: Ø25 mm
• body: tempered aluminium alloy, handle: aluminium die casting, joints: Viton

MG-80A ATEX (SKU:GES32300)
• Aluminium body
• Made of aluminium and high quality plastic materials. Its measuring chamber is fireproof of oscillant disc
• Flow: 10-90 l/min
• Accuracy: ±1 %
• Partial indicator of 3 digits and totalizer of 6 digits
• Maximum operation pressure: 5 bar
• Resistance pressure: 15 bar
• Ambient temperature: -10 ºC / +60 ºC
• ATEX IIG Category
• Protection mode: own supply: Ex h IIB T5 Gb
• Polyamide + Fibreglass housing
• Inlet/outlet Connections: 1" GAS (BSP)
• For private use, not suitable for fiscal operations