Auto Saes, Ohio blend Bio-diesel.... "on the fly"

Feb 20, 2012

Auto Saes, Ohio blend Bio-diesel.... "on the fly"

Not all vehicles are suited to the same blend of biodiesel and not all customers
want the same blend of biodiesel, so what is the solution ? A dozen storage tanks
full of different blends or a fuel delivery pump that instantly blends the set Ratio
as it fills you up. Complete this with an on-board fuel management system, with
wired data retrieval, GSM or "Cloud" web based Management software, and you
have the Gespasa BDP range.

Ratio Control Bio-diesel Dispenser
'Blend programmable' Biodiesel dispenser
Free-standing design, Dual internal pumps
Weather-proof Epoxy Painted Steel Enclosure,


  • - 70 to 90 Litres/min +/- 0.2% Accuracy
  • - Automatic Nozzle with 4m Delivery Hose
  • - Nozzle Holster pump start switch
  • - Air elimination and Recirculation valves
  • - LCD display of Dispensed Amount (auto-re-set)
    - Internal Filtration
    - Blend/Ratio configurable 5 to 95% (1% increments)


Biodiesel Ration mixer / dispenser