Automated Water Abstraction Compliance

Jul 13, 2012

Comply with the conditions of your licence and don't fall foul of the EA,  using equipment from Bell Flow Systems.

Bore Hole Abstraction

Most licences state that a meter should be used to measure the quantity of water
abstracted. As well as this, there are a number of conditions which may be
imposed on the licence holder by the environment agency, including the amount
of water to be abstracted in a given 24 hour period.


We offer a complete kit, ready for installation including ::

› Water Meter 25mm - 250mm  (WRAS & MID Approved)
› Totalising Intelligent Display (With lock-out PIN code)
›  Abstraction limit relay output and 24Hr timer with control output

A master non resettable display records water total, while a secondary display

records a resettable total. The user pre-set amount Alarm will provide a visual

warning if the daily allowed amount is reached and will also give a control
output to stop the flow of abstracted water, resuming only at the start of the next
24hr period via the timer output. This can all be logged and reported via telemtry 
if required.

Bulk Water Meter (Cold) Dry Dial Flanged PN16 :: WRAS Approved, MID certified Intelligent Abstraction Totaliser