BFU-100-H Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter Assembly :: Clamp-on Sensors 25mm - 100mm

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BFU-100-H Hand Held Non-intrusive Flow Meter Kit
Clamp-on Sensors 40mm - 100mm
Hand Held Model with carry case: All accessories included.
12 Hour Battery life + AC Charger/ Pulse, Alarm, Outputs

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BFU-100-H Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter Kit

Clamp-on Sensors 40mm - 100mm
Portable Ultrasonic Model with carry case: All accessories included.
12 Hour Battery life + AC Charger/ Pulse, Alarm, Outputs

A cost-effective non-invasive Time-of-Flight portable Ultrasonic Flow meter and volume flow display which facilitates quick and easy installation without the need to cut into existing pipe-work. Location Memory allows quick set-up when returning to previous sites. Suitable for most common clean liquids. Very small amounts of entrained air and particles may be tolerated. If you have a liquid that is aerated or carrying solids, look at our doppler models.
Power:- Internal Battery Pack (12 Hours) 85-260VAC charger
Supplied c/w  Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers suitable for pipe sizes 40mm - 100mm



Horizontal or vertical Installation

Transducer Max Temp: -20C to +70C (160C option)

Accurracy: <1% of reading above 0.6ft/sec / 0.2 m/sec

Outputs: RS232, 1x Pulse Output , 1x Alarm Output (All configurable)

 Ingress Protection: Display= IP65, Transducers= IP65

These flow meters can be used on virtually any pipe size or material, are non-invasive and are
therefore not prone to the levels of deterioration that are seen by traditional intrusive flow meters. Mbus converter, Radio Pulse transmission and GSM/GPRS Telemetry / logging options on request








    ±1% of reading at rates >0.6ft/s. ±0.5% with on-site calibration.

    Response Time

    0-999 seconds, user-configurable


    ±0.03 - ±105 ft/s (±0.01 - ±30m/s), bi-directional

    Pipe Size

    15mm - 6,000mm

    Pipe Material

    All metals, most plastics, concrete, lined pipe

    Rate Units

    Metre, Feet, Cubic Meter, Liter, Cubic Feet, US Gallon, Imperial Gallon, Oil Barrel, USA Liquid Barrel, Imperial Liquid Barrel, Million USA Gallons. User configurable.


    7-digit totals for net, positive and negative flow

    Liquid Types

    Virtually all clean liquids and liquids with minor solids (<10,000ppm). Full pipe


    Setup Lockout. Access code needed to unlock


    4x16 letters

    Computer Interface

    RS232, baud-rate: 75 to 115,200bps.

    Supplied Transducers

    As requested

    Transducer Cable

    Standard 10m. Contact sales for longer cables, up to 500m


    3 x AAA Ni-H built-in batteries. When fully recharged it will last over 10 hours of operation.
    100-240vAC Adapter supplied for charging and continuous use.

    Data Logger

    Over 2000 lines of data

    Handset Weight

    1.2lbs (514g)