BFU-100-RF Fixed Ultrasonic Heat Meter Assembly :: Clamp-on Sensors 40mm - 100mm

Fixed Ultrasonic Heat Meter Assembly
40mm to 100mm I.D Pipe Sizes
Wall Mount Display: Kwh, BTU's, m3, Gj
90-260V AC or 24V DC
Pulse, 4-20mA, Alarms, Modbus Outputs to BMS
Includes Supply & Return PT100 temperature Sensors
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Fixed Ultrasonic Heat Flow Meter Assembly :: Wall Mount Display
40mm to 100mm I.D Pipe Sizes
with Data Logging Feature and Various Output options
4-20mA, Pulse, Alarms, Modbus
Includes Supply & Return PT100 temperature Sensors
A fixed ultrasonic heat meter and volume flow display which facilitates quick and simple installation without the need to cut into existing pipe-work. Suitable for stationary applications. Follow our quick-set-up guide and apply the
flow sensors to the pipe using the band-clamps provided, then fit the temperature sensors depending on the type supplied. 


    BFU-100-RF Fixed Ultrasonic Heat Meter Assembly
    Power:- 85-260VAC, 50/60Hz or 24V DC
    Supplied c/w 3 Metre Pt 100 Temp Probes (See options)
    Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers 40mm - 100mm
    Horizontal or vertical Installation 
    Transducer Max Temp: -20C to +160C
    Accuracy: +/-1% of reading above 0.6ft/sec / 0.2 m/sec
    Outputs available: 1x 4-20mA , 1x Pulse Output , 1x Alarm Output (All configurable)
     ModBus output
    Ingress Protection: Display= IP65, Transducers= IP65 (IP68 on request)
    These ultrasonic flow meters can be used on virtually any pipe size or material, are non-invasive and are
    therefore not prone to the levels of deterioration that are seen by traditional intrusive flow meters.
    Mbus converter, Radio Pulse transmission and GSM/GPRS Telemetry / logging options on request

    Water / Wastewater / Effluent
    Hot Water / Chilled Water / Mixture of Water and Glycol
    Petroleum Products
    Oil / Crude Oil / Fuel Oil / Diesel/ BioDiesel / Lubricant
    Oil /Hydraulic Oil (non aerated)
    Chemical and Solvents
    Water management in buildings, Civil structures
      District Heating / wastewater treatment plants, irrigation systems, and more
    Flow monitoring and flow control in Desalination plants, steel making plants, power plants, machining plants
    Liquid process control in chemical plants and industrial automation application
    Retrofit capability, to upgrade or augment existing systems using this non intrusive technolgy
    Automated batching 
    Efficiency monitoring and improvement of heating / cooling systems, including solar / geothermal systems
    Hygienic Beverage, food and pharmaceutical processing application
    Telemetry of Remote flow monitoring network and leakage detection (Aqualink products required)