5 Steps for Effective Energy Management

Energy Management

With the new year looming is it time to improve your energy management?
Typically energy management involves the following steps:

1) Metering energy consumption & collecting the data

Effective metering is fundamental to energy management with meter data proving invaluable for identifying energy-saving opportunities. The more data you can get and the more detailed it is, the better!

2) Finding opportunities to save energy
Detailed interval energy consumption data makes it possible to see patterns of energy waste. By analysing your meter data you can find and quantify routine energy waste.

3) Taking action to target the opportunities to save energy
Having analysed the meter data you should have identified some areas that could be improved. Routine waste such as water use in production could be tackled by installing new equipment, a batch controller perhaps.

4) Tracking your progress

By analysing your meter data since you made changes allows you to see how well your energy-saving efforts have worked.

5) And repeat…

Effective energy management is an ongoing process to find new energy saving opportunities.

We can provide flow meters for virtually any energy resource and with many of our meters available with smart comms options for remote monitoring it couldn’t be easier to collect and analyse usage data. Call us free on 0800 027 7786 to see how we can help.