Badger Meter Launches New Cost Effective Turbine Flow Meter

Badger Meter has recently released the B1500 series, a turbine flow meter suitable for dispensing various clean liquids such as water, light oils and chemicals.

The B1500 series are a cost-effective option for highly accurate and reliable flow measurement and are the ideal solution for clean, liquid flow applications in industrial processes, such as batching, blending, monitoring and general flow measurement. The new B1500 turbine series are best suited for automotive, chemical, aerospace and general industrial applications, however these turbines are extremely rugged and also perform well in the harsh environments found in the oil and gas sector.

An optional B3000 flow monitor can easily be integrated onto the turbine to provide an economical, flow metering solution with multiple visual and system integration options. Presented on the powerful LCD display are flow rate and totals with various signal outputs and the option to transmit data to a user interface via Modbus RTU. A remote swivel mount can be specified which is capable of rotating 180 degrees for ease of viewing. Basic, advanced and solar-powered models provide users with the flexibility of options to meet the requirements of their unique applications.

This turbine range displays exceptional mechanical linearity, resulting in minimized temperature induced viscosity influence and increased useable flow range. Due to the precision helical rotor design, B1500 meters provide exceptional speed-of-response to step changes along with a significant reduction in press drop.

The rotor design utilizes ceramic ball bearings are lighter, more tolerant to extreme temperatures and produce less friction than stainless steel ball bearings which are commonly found in most turbine meters. The ceramic ball bearings are able to tolerate adhesive wear and they perform well in non-lubricating liquids that are usually found in cryogenic fluids and water.

The B1500 can be installed in any position without affecting the performance, turndown range or calibration. For enhanced application specific performance, recalibration of the meter can be completed on-site using a calibrated vessel or weigh-scale or metering skid. For best performance and longevity, upstream filtration is advised to prevent bearing contamination and to avoid rotor blade damage. The B1500 series turbine flow meters come with a 10-point calibration, traceable to NIST standards.

Available in sizes from ¼ to 2 inches, the B1500 flow meter has a high measuring accuracy of 0.25%, when linearized with a B3000 flow monitor and an accuracy of 0.5% using a single-point averaged
K-factor. Flow ranges are from 0.95 – 946 L/min (0.25 to 250 gpm) depending on the model chosen and the maximum operating temperature range is up to +300°C.

Models are constructed from 316 stainless steel and are available with either ANSI flange or national pipe thread (NPT) end fittings. Internal component materials include the rotors, which are made of 17-4 stainless steel, rotating on ceramic ball bearings. The supports, hangars and all other turbine assembly parts are made from 300 series stainless steel.

Bell Flow Systems are the representatives for Badger Meter in the UK and provide their industry-leading products at competitive prices. For more information about Badger Meter products visit or call free on 0800 027 786.