Between Flanges – The Quick Insertion Turbine

Over the last 25 years Blancett have built up a reputation for producing rugged and accurate stainless steel turbines which remain popular within the oil and gas industry today. The QuikSert is one of Blancetts innovative turbines which has been designed for quick installation.

The QuikSert is an in-line turbine flow meter that provides the same high accuracy and rigorous design of the standard Blancett turbine, but in a wafer-style mounting configuration. It’s unique between flanges design eliminates the need for mating flanges, requires less space in the flow line, lowers costs and provides easy, one-man installation.

Turbine flow meters operate by the fluid or gas passing through a turbine, causing the turbine to rotate at a speed proportional to velocity. As each turbine blade passes through the magnetic field generated by the meter’s magnetic pick-up, an AC voltage pulse is generated. These pulses provide an output frequency that is proportional to volumetric flow.

The QuikSert in-line turbine flow meter was developed for liquid and gas applications where accuracy and dependability are of concern to the operator. For fluids the meter achieves an accuracy of ±1%, repeatability of ±0.1% and can handle temperatures up to +232°C with high temp pick up and for gas the meter achieves an accuracy of ±2%, repeatability of ±0.5% and can handle temperatures up to +330°C.

The meter features a 316 stainless steel housing and rotor support, CD4MCU stainless steel rotor, and abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide rotor shaft and bearings. For fluid models, precision upstream and downstream flow straighteners ensure a high degree of measurement accuracy. The QuikSert turbine is available in sizes 3/8 to 10 and with optional outputs for remote data logging.

Blancetts QuikSert turbine provides a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution for measurement requirements for flow lines with limited space. QuikSert is available from Bell Flow Systems, a UK representative for Blancett for more information click here.