BFU Heat Meters for THERMOSS Project

Bell Flow Systems have recently been working closely with a large global specialist in energy management and automation, to supply non-invasive energy monitoring systems to multiple sites across the EU. The units will be supplying data to be used in the EU commissioned THERMOSS project for energy efficient buildings, under its HORIZON 2020 programme. The project will last for 42 months, and will involve the collaboration of 12 partners from the EU and Switzerland.

The aim of the THERMOSS project is to contribute to the wider deployment of advanced heating and cooling technologies in buildings throughout the EU. This project includes addressing 30% energy consumption reduction in buildings and 20% in districts.

The development process consists of five steps: technology database creation, technology packages refinement, technology package sizing toolbox, thermal energy flow algorithm, integration and validation. The study will be implemented across several key sites in the UK, Finland, France, Switzerland and Spain, as to draw results from various climates and validate the results.

As per the requirements of the heat energy monitoring study, the metering system needs to be reliable and highly accurate, whilst being as non-invasive as possible as not to compromise the existing systems on site.

BFU-100-M Ultrasonic Meter

Bell Flow Systems successfully supplied 14 of the BFU-100-M units with clamp on temperature sensors, to UK and Finnish sites. The BFU-100-M uses an ultrasonic signal from external, clamp on sensors, to calculate flow rate without needing to alter or cut into any pipework. The sensors simply clamp on to the outside of the pipe.

The ultrasonic sensors, and temperature sensors, feed back into the energy calculator which provides the user with accurate and reliable energy usage information. This data can then be fed back to a PLC or building management system to for monitoring and usage analysis via a pulse, 4-20mA, or Modbus communication output.