Chemicals metered in commercial laundry machines


A large US Chemical Manufacturer  provides automated dispensing equipment to their Commercial & Institutional Laundry client base. They are integrating the Macnaught M012-2S2 and MX12P-2SA into their systems to provide precision chemical injection flow measurement & pump control via a programmed logic scheme. Handling a wide range of chemicals,  Macnaught flow meters have provided this customer with trouble free accurate performance for many years.










Liquids Metered:

♦ Solvent Cleaners
♦ Alkaline Laundry break liquid
♦ Chlorine bleach
♦ Rust remover
♦ Enzyme Detergent

Macnaught Flow meter

Macnuaght Advantages: 

Note the location of supply and discharge piping elbows. No flow conditioning required
Small footprint allows for ease of OEM design.
♦ Accuracy is maintained at < 0.5% of actual flow regardless of viscosity or media.

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