Commercial Fuel Flow Meters

Weights and Measures Approved!

Bell Flow Systems now offer the TS Series of oval gear positive displacement flow meters from Tuthill USA. Commercial fuel flow meters ideal for use in any environment. The TS series boasts the high accuracy and performance necessary for custody transfer duty. Now available via Bell Flow Systems in the UK.

Commercial Fuel Flow Meters

The UK National Weights and Measures Laboratory has EEC Pattern approved these meters for custody transfer applications. As a result, the TS Series is suitable for commercial use in bulk measurement of a wide range of fuels. These commercial fuel transfer meters are able to handle the pressure, whilst maintaining their accuracy. This is due to the use of two inter meshing oval gears. Subsequently, this reduces metal-to-metal contact – in addition to requiring fewer seals. The result is a low differential pressure and less slippage. The TS range of bulk flow meters and tanker meters are impressively hard wearing and durable, thanks to this patented wave form gear design.

Commercial Fuel Flow Meters – The Ideal Choice

The TS Series is well suited for use in commercial fuel process and transfer, in addition to high speed batching and loading. It also has its uses for the purpose of fuel tanker metering and for stationary dispensing. Combination with a mechanical or electronic batch register, ticket printer and solenoid batching options as well as air eliminators and in-line filters is also possible. Thus making it possible to build an application specific system that delivers performance, accuracy, and easy maintenance. Ultimately making the TS Series an ideal commercial fuel flow meter choice.

The aluminium TS Series comes in a selection of sizes ranging from DN25 to DN80. These bulk fuel meters are highly precise and are available in a wide range of configurations. Different temperatures, viscosity, chemical compatibility and application specific requirements can all be specified. Tuthill fuel meters are also available with either mechanical or electronic registers.

They are able to measure high volume transfers within a 0.3% tolerance band, allowing them to be assembled to suit the most demanding operational requirements. This ensures they are suitable for use in a range of commercial applications. For example; diesel, oil and aviation fuel, petrochemical plants, agricultural and also industrial chemical processing.

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