Confirming FireFighting Power


We recently supplied electromagnetic flow meters to Amdac Carmichael, a UK based manufacturer producing a comprehensive range of firefighting vehicles.

Amdac Carmichael required a flow meter that could calibrate the volume of the water tanks and measure the flow rate of the pumps on-board their firefighting vehicles to confirm that they meet environmental and legal requirements. Badger Meter’s MID 6 M5000 is a user friendly, general purpose electromagnetic flow meter that delivers an accuracy of better than 0.5%. Built for field verification testing and conveniently powered by a battery, the MID 6 M5000 was chosen for Amdac Carmichael.

Amdac Carmichael fabricated a metal cradle for the MID 6 M5000 which when combined with the above average battery life allows the flow meter to be conveniently transported to where it is required. With excellent repeatability, the electromagnetic flow meters allow Amdac Carmichael to confirm both the volume of the water tanks and the flow rate of the pumps on their vehicles.