Datalogger Providing Remote Energy Monitoring

Monitoring energy consumption and taking manual meter readings can be a time-consuming task for energy managers and the need to monitor across several facilities has become standard. Aqualink is a new highly sophisticated datalogger that enables remote online monitoring and management of water, gas, electricity, steam and building occupancy among others.

Combining both hardware and cloud based software, Aqualink is an ideal solution for remote online monitoring of flow, consumption, level, temperature and pressure. The system has been designed to connect to third party utility meters and take real-time readings which are transmitted via Wifi or GSM/GPRS to a user friendly web application where energy consumption can be viewed and analysed.

Supplied in a compact IP68 weatherproof case and with a long life battery, the Aqualink hardware has been designed to withstand less than ideal conditions and can be installed in the most remote locations. The integrated communication options allows for the real-time energy consumption data to be transmitted via SIM card, GPRS or WiFi depending on suitability for the desired application.

Through cloud-based software, collected data can be accessed via a secure M2M server and a personal logging website. Here the user can set SMS alarms and configure the logging parameters of units, view current and historical meter and sensor readings plus capture events in tabular or graphical format as well as downloading to .csv file for export to spread sheet programs from any internet enabled location around the world.

AquaLink is an ideal solution for those requiring the ability to monitor several facilities and energy sources around the world from a central location or while on the road. For more information please click here.