DipperLog Nano – New Affordable Water Level Logger

Bell Flow Systems are proud to introduce the Cost effective DipperLog NANO water level logger to our ground water measurement range. The DipperLog sensor is a cost effective solution, costing only £299. The sensor is ideal for people looking to monitor water level applications in ground water, estuarine and surface water applications.

Dipperlog Nano

The DipperLog is available in two versions – vented and non vented. The standard model is an absolute (non-vented) level sensor. The sensor can be deployed with either stainless steel wire, or with direct read cable if surface data collection is required. For long term monitoring applications a Barlog NANO will be required for barometric compensation. The vented Dipperlog NANO can be specified with vented cable. Thus allowing for data collection from the surface, without needing to retrieve the sensor.

A fast logging interval allows readings to be collected as fast as 1 reading per second. Battery life for the device is up to 7 years with an internal data logger offering collection of 32,000 data sets.

Dipperlog Nano Vented

Programming of the ground water logger can be achieved using simple PC software. Data from the device can be collected by third party datalogger. Alternatively, data can be retrieved using telemetry by using the on-board SDI-12 or RS232 protocols.

<h2>Dipperlog Nano and Accessories</h2>

For more information please visit our website https://www.bellflowsystems.co.uk, or contact the Bell Flow Systems Sales team sales@bellflowsystems.co.uk.