LQ800 Multi Channel Controller – New From ECD

Introducing the new Model LQ800 Multi Channel Controller from ECD. The LQ800 provides a complete analytical fluid measurement and process solution, designed to operate with up to eight digital analytical and process sensors. The measurement parameter options include above 50 unique separate liquid measurement sensors including: pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, selective ion, turbidity, flow, and also level, alongside many other fluid analytical measurements. Complete with varying configurations for each given application, as can be seen in full on the LQ800 data sheet.

LQ800 Multi Channel Controller - New From ECD

The LQ800 Controller digitally communicates with any ECD Intelligent Sensor. Configuration for the correct parameter is then possible via the menu and display screens. This smart technology makes using the device hassle-free, and simple to operate.

Features of the LQ800 Multi Channel Controller

  • – Multiple Analytical & Process Measurements. Complete measuring & control system  featuring up to 8 smart digital analytical & process sensors.
  • – Touch Screen Color Display. Featuring easy and intuitive menu navigation.
  • – Built-in Analytical Calculations. Easy selection of mathematical functions. Simply convert dissociation, cross-sensitivity, and concentration.
  • – Multiple, Field Programmable Outputs: Digital communication, multiple relays, discrete digital outputs, with 4-20 mA outputs, and also data logging.
  • – Expandable. Easily create larger control systems with the ability to inter-connect to other LQ800 Systems and ECD on-line analyzers.
  • – Web Enabled. Access via web with remote monitoring and interface with personal handheld devices, for example via mobile phone. Allowing you access whenever and wherever you are.

To find out more visit our Display and Data Logging section, or contact our technical sales team for further information.

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