Mainstream Open Channel Flow Meters

Mainstream Measurements new instrumentation for open channel and part-filled pipes; Premier AV-Flowmeter, Compact AV-Flowmeter, Portable AV-Flowmeter, Flow Transmitter and Velocity Transmitter.

The Mainstream’s range of products feature many brand new advantages to flow measurement. The open channel flow meters feature a high capacity data logger with data retention in excess of one year when recording at one-minute intervals, and even longer if diagnostic data such as battery voltages and ultrasound signal quality is not included.

The cost-effective Portable AV-flowmeter hardware includes power monitoring circuits to track the supply status. Supply voltages can be displayed on the LCD; viewed via the user interface; stored in the data logger and used to control the switch outputs. The status of the power supply is also visible on an external LED.


Mainstream instruments deliver all their original features and benefits including; high sensitivity extending applications to ‘clean’ water; ultrasound signal quality monitor confirms measurement integrity and sophisticated ultrasound processing ignores spurious signals.  Bi-directional flow measurement offers forward and reverse velocities from 10 mm/S up to 5 m/S; streamlined velocity probes reduce fouling and flow disturbances and switch outputs operate samplers, alarms and controls.