Aquadis Water Meter Product Range

The Itron Aquadis water meter mechanical range are suitable for both primary and secondary domestic billing due to their approval to the OIML R49 standard and European MID – Directive 2004/22/EC. The working principle of Aquadis is based on the established rotary piston design which is magnetically coupled to a hermetically sealed counter mechanism.

The range is manufactured from high performance thermoplastic materials offering user benefits including corrosion resistance, reduced size and weight as well as long-term mechanical stability. This composite design is durable and water resistant to IP68, it is also approved to the UK national drinking water approvals scheme –WRAS standards.

Aquadis water meters are provided pre-equipped for Itron’s Cyble technology, making it possible to mount plug-and-play Cyble communication modules when required . This facilitates connection to a range of Automatic Meter Reading systems (AMR) such as Radio walk-by systems, radio fixed data collection systems and M-Bus wired or wireless systems. Some of the key advantages of using the Cyble technology include flexible network integration, leak detection and zero sensitivity to magnetic fields.

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