New Cost-effective Wireless Rain Gauge

Bell Flow Systems are pleased to introduce the ARG100 rain gauge into their range of environmental measurement products.

The ARG100 is a cost effective solution for precipitation measurement. The aerodynamic design ensure that the sensor does not interfere with the surrounding airflow ensuring that accurate measurement of precipitation is continuously achieved. The U.V resistant materials ensure robustness in the field to maintain a high level of measurement accuracy. In standard form the rain gauge is offered with a 0.20mm per tip pulse output, however additional options are available.

Measurement of rainfall is achieved using a traditional “tipping bucket” mechanism which has been proven as a reliable industry and scientific standard for the measurement of precipitation for many years. Each tip of the bucket provides a contact closure of a reed switch to create an output from the rain gauge.

The output from the ARG100 can easily be connected directly to our OM-CPPULSE101 for local data collection. The data received from the ARG100 can be calibrated to ensure that collected data is converted to represent accurate rainfall information. If however remote data collection is required our Aqualink II which offers GSM / GPRS collection, can provide data remotely to a PC, tablet or mobile phone. No software is required to view the data, only a web enabled device, where you can log onto to your personal device dashboard via a username and password.