New Kalyx-RG Rain Gauge

Bell Flow Systems introduce new low cost rain gauge,

This new rain gauge offers a very affordable high quality instrument for those looking for accurate rainfall measurement. The Kalyx-RG has a 5” MET office standard funnel which feeds rainfall into a tipping bucket. Offering 0.2mm resolution, the optimum aerodynamic shape also ensures that the unit is ideal for both, short and long term field work.

Traditionally, cylindrical shape rain gauges are inaccurate due to wind blowing over the orifice of the rain gauge. This is due to the physical presence of the gauge causing air to accelerate carrying rainfall away from the vessel collecting the rainfall, the effects of this have seen a reduction in rainfall catch of up to 20%. However due to the aerodynamic design of the Kalyx-RG the effect is reduced providing a high level of confidence in the measurements

Data from the rain gauge is provided via a pulse output which can be integrated into a local download systems such as our OM-CPPulse 101, which provide the user with a battery powered system, where data can be downloaded or configured using a PC. If however remote data collection is required the pulse output can be connect to our Point Green telemetry system, which allows the user to view data via a cloud based web platform interface.

Applications for the Kalyx-RG Rain Gauge includes –

  • Hydrological Catchment Projects
  • Urban Meteorology
  • Low Cost Hydro-Met Stations
  • Garden, allotment or Farmland monitoring
  • Weather Hobbyist
  • Flood Warning Systems

See the product on our website here: Link>>