New Macnaught Pulsers

Last week Macnaught launched two new pulse modules- the DIN Compact Pulser Module and the Industrial Pulse Cap, to compliment their MX range of oval gear flow meters.

The new pulse options have been developed to appeal to a broader range of industrial applications, including fixed and mobile plant operations, and both include sensor configuration options of Reed and Hall effect or Dual Hall.

The new DIN Compact Pulser Module features a recognisable DIN plug in 5 position with a choice of cabling or field connections and incorporates the unique M-Lock mounting system found on existing pulsers within the MX Series.

The new Industrial Pulse Cap is designed for those customers who wish to route the signal cables via a cable gland or through an armoured conduit, for instance use on service trucks. This cap is fixed to the meter body- does not feature M-Lock system.

Macnaught have also introduced a blind flow meter option, which is to be ordered separately, to facilitate the new pulser modules.

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