QuikSert Turbine Flow Meter Range

QuikSert Turbine Flow Meters

The QuikSert turbine flow meter range from Blancett. Designed for accurate measurement of various liquids such as water, chemicals and light oils. This wafer style meter is quickly inserted between pipeline flanges and performs well in harsh environments due to it’s rugged stainless steel construction and selection of safe and hazardous area displays. Incorporated inside the turbine meter is a helical rotor with long-life tungsten carbide shaft and bearings.

This cost effective meter consists of a simple and easily serviceable design, providing an efficient long life time with low ownership costs. The range features optional LCD flow monitors such as the B2800 or B3000 with EEx ia or EEx D certification options.

Models benefit from a high accuracy reading of +/- 1.0% and are available from sizes 3/8″ up to 10″ . The meters in this range have an operating temperature from -100 to 177°C

QuickSert Turbine Suppliers.

Quiksert Turbine Flow Meters are now available to purchase on the Bell Flow systems website.