Siargo MF4000 Gas Flow Meter

The MF4000 mass flow meter from Siargo is designed for various applications in gas flow measurement. The meters are ideal for use on process gas control, environmental samplers and other industrial applications. They perform best with non-corrosive and clean gas applications

MF4000 meters are of simple, compact design utilising leading MEMS technology developed in the manufacturers Silicon Valley R&D centre. This model has a high visibility 4-digit LED panel display and two LED indicators. There are three different display modes: instant flow rate mode, flow accumulation mode, and maximum/minimum mode.

Technical specs on this range include: an accuracy reading of +/- 1.5% and flow range of 2 to 50 SLPM depending on the model chosen. Operating temperatures are from -10 to +55°C. These meters are manufactured from coated aluminum and are available with BSP, NPT or Metric push-fit connections.Output options include RS485, RS232, 4-20mA and scaled pulse.