Ultrasonic Heat Meters – A New Choice

Introducing the Axis Industries Qalcosonic range of ultrasonic heat meters and cooling meters. The Qalcosonic Heat 1 and 2 are MID Class 2 Approved for Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and billing purposes. Permitting them for use in heating, cooling and hybrid applications. Available in meter sizes from DN15 to DN50, with BSP threaded and flanged connections. Qp values range from 0.6 to 15 m3/hr, with R100 dynamic range as standard (R250 optional). The use of ultrasonic technology means the meter has no mechanical moving parts, prolonging the life of the meter and ensuring long term flow measurement accuracy. The Heat 1 and 2 cover a wide range of energy metering applications, from residential buildings to larger companies and institutions.

Qalcosonic Heat 1 Ultrasonic Heat Meters

The meter benefits from pulse outputs and a range of optional communication modules; including MBus, Modbus, LON and RF868 (Wireless MBus). This makes it ideal for AMR applications and linking with existing management systems. The Qalcosonic Heat boasts IP67 rated protection on the flow sensor, which is standard when purchased with the cooling application option and also with glycol applications.

The Qalcosonic stores the energy readings for both heating and cooling in separate displays, automatically switching when the temperatures change. In addition to the energy readings, the meter is able to log hourly, daily and monthly values. This is extremely useful for monthly billing applications and monitoring of historical data.

The standard meter model is battery powered, with a 3.6V lithium battery. The promised battery life of 12 years minimum ensures that little maintenance is required. There are also options available for power modules for 12-42 V DC or 12-36 V AC – using the battery power as a back-up.

Qalcosonic Heat 2 Meters

Installation Options for Ultrasonic Heat Meters

Qalcosonic heat meters offer a choice of mounting for the calculator display. It can be mounted on the flow sensor – but if access to the meter is difficult then the display can simply be unclipped and mounted on a wall, DIN rail or on a panel. 1.5 meters of cable from both the flow sensor and temperature sensors is included as standard for the DN15 and DN20 sizes. For the larger models, 3 meters of cable is included. Furthermore, there is an additional option to choose cable lengths of up to 5 meters.

Both horizontal and vertical installations are possible, and there are no requirements for straight runs before or after the meter. Direct immersion pocket sensors are also available for all sizes within the Qalcosonic range. For the smaller 15-20mm models, one of the temperature sensors is mounted in the meter body. Subsequently, this removes a portion of installation cost.

The full range of Qalcosonic ultrasonic heat meters can be found here.

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