The Apollo Smart to Keep Track of Heating Oil

At this time of the year it’s especially important to keep track of how much home heating oil you have remaining in your oil tank, the Apollo Smart allows users to successfully do so.

The Apollo Smart is the world’s first home energy monitor, designed specifically for domestic oil heating installations. Fitting easily onto the oil tank, the Apollo Smart allows heating oil users to determine the volume of fuel remaining in their tank, as well as monitoring heating costs, consumption and emissions.

The transmitter relays data, including estimated days until empty, wirelessly to a mains powered receiver unit where it is displayed on an easy to read LCD display. So you can always see whats in the tank from inside your home.

The Smart Monitor features a built in fuel theft alarm to alert the homeowner and a low level warning alert to let users know when the oil tank is running out. Available to buy from Bell Flow Systems from as little as £91.64!