Vortex Steam Meters

The BFVM series of in-line vortex flow meters are designed for measuring the volume/mass flow of steam based on the Karman vortex principle. Using an advanced differential algorithm along with signal isolation, buffered shielding and wave form filtering, the BFVM series of vortex flow meters have the advantages of immunity to vibration and noise.

Available from DN20 to DN300 (15mm to 1200mm) with optional temperature and pressure compensation for accurate and reliable mass flow measurement. This range of steam flow meters is manufactured in stainless steel and available as wafer design or with flanged bodied and is suitable for either saturated or super-heated steam with temperatures up to +250°C.

Various output options are available including: Pulse, 4-20mA,1-5vDC & RS485 for remote data networking. Mass compensated measurement is available in a local or remote display. The remote display options include thermal energy measurement and condensate return.

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