VZO Oil Meter Range from Aquametro

Contoil oil flow meters from Aquametro are designed for domestic and commercial oil and fuel measurement applications. VZO oil meter range enables the user to accurately measure oil consumption, for usage, billing and cost allocation purposes.

The meters in the VZO collection utilise the oscillating piston principle, using true positive displacement design to accurately measure every drop. The design features a low pressure drop across the meter body. This ensures reliable readings even on gravity fed and low flow applications.

Models feature either a multi-functional digital LCD displaying the flow rate and total volume or a mechanical totaliser with counter. Aquametro – VZO oil meters provide flexible installation with mounting in horizontal, vertical or inclined positions.

VZO group mix

Available in sizes 10mm to 55mm and with flow ranges from 0.5 to 30,000 litres per hour, there is a VZO meter to suit the majority of oil flow requirements. Options exist for pulse and 4-20mA output with a range of different flange styles available including DIN, JIS and ANSI. Please contact us for more information on the products in the range 0800 027 7786 or visit www.bellflowsystems.co.uk.