Water Quality Monitoring with the Aquaread AP-2000

Water quality monitoring can be an inexpensive job, if you’re using the AP-2000 Aquaprobe package from Aquaread. These unique packages contain everything you need to begin monitoring your water.

Included in a package is the multiparameter Aquaprobe with 3m cable with metal connector, one of the GPS Aquameters, sensors for measurement of dissolved oxygen (optical), conductivity, PH, ORP, temperature and turbidity and various accessories all inside a rugged hard case designed for protection. The cost-effective AP-2000 features two auxiliary sockets for the connection of a small ISE sensor or a larger optical electrode sensor.


The IP68 rated Aquaprobe is constructed from marine grade, hard-anodized aluminium for use in both fresh and marine environments. The dense cable included in the package is strengthened with a Kevlar core for increased tensile strength and connects to our GPS Aquameter with a rugged metal connector.

The GPS meter is designed to be easy to use, quickly capturing data with one key press. The integrated GPS feature allows each data set to have its location logged, making it the ideal package for any surface or ground water application.