Is the UK facing a water shortage? It’s time to save water

Wasting water and how to save water has been a hot topic in the UK media lately. Despite the recent storms and torrential rains causing flooding across the UK, the country is under threat of future droughts by 2050 if we don’t change how we use our water. The Environment Agency has published warnings that we could be left facing water shortages across the UK – with the South East being particularly at risk.


Sprinklers - no good when trying to save water!

Climate change, population growth but also wastage are the main areas of concern. Leaking pipes waste 3 billion litres of water every day.
Plus, each person using on average 140 litres of water a day.

We are subsequently wasting a very significant percentage of our naturally sourced water on a daily basis. The knock on effect of this on the Eco-system and security of our future water supplies is of huge concern. The Environment Agency is increasing pressure on the water companies, industrial customers and the general public to focus on how they can save water.

Why should I save water?

There are many reasons you should be looking for ways to reduce your water usage.

  • – Water restrictions, hosepipe bans and water rationing will become a real possibility if we don’t change how we use water.
  • – Reducing pressure on the water infrastructure and the environment.
  • – Energy used to heat water contributes towards our carbon footprint and subsequently climate change.
  • – It can save your household money! Save water, save money.

“We need to change our attitudes to water use. It is the most fundamental thing needed to ensure a healthy environment, but we are taking too much of it and have to work together to manage this precious resource.”
said Emma Howard Boyd, the Environment Agency chair woman.

So, how can I save water? Here’s some quick tips…

We can reduce our water consumption at home with a few small changes to how we use it.

  • – Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth. Take showers instead of baths.
  • – Use your washing machine and dishwasher for full loads whenever possible – and make use of ‘Eco’ settings and features on certain models.
  • – Reuse dishwater or bathwater to water the garden.
  • – Consider purchasing a water butt for storing rainwater to water your plants.
  • – Check your toilet and taps are not leaking (how?)
  • – Ask your water company about water saving products. Many supply their customers with these products free of charge.
  • – Assess your water usage with the use of an accurate and easy to read water meter.

Flow meters, or water meters are an extremely useful tool to help you save water. When you know what your consumption is, you can create targets to lower your use. Water meters can be installed in to existing systems to measure all, or part of the building’s water use. You can use an easy to install water meter on your external supply to measure how much water you use outside, or how much is being used in the bathroom. We have a range of WRAS approved water meters suitable for domestic and business use. Water meters are also a useful tool to monitor and identify any unusual spikes in normal water use, which could indicate a leak!

WRAS Approved Water Meters – Suitable for Domestic Use

WRAS approved water meter, suitable for domestic use

Itron Aquadis+ Composite Volumetric Water Meter (Cold)

DN15 Multi-Jet Water Meter (Cold) Dry Dial 1/2" BSP :: Nuts, Tails, washers included

DN15 Multi-Jet Water Meter (Cold) Dry Dial

Single-Jet domestic Hot Water Meter DN15 :: 90

Single-Jet Water Meter DN15 for Hot Water

Further ideas on how to save water visit Waterwise.

For further information about leak detection, water quality monitoring and measurement solutions, contact our technical team, who will be happy to answer any questions about both domestic and industrial water saving and measurement.

You can also find out more about saving energy in our Metering Solutions for Effective Energy Management post.

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