Ultrasonic Flow Meters Fit For Royalty

BFU Windsor Castle

We recently had the honor of supplying and commissioning clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for use in the Royal residence of Windsor Castle. The application required a system with the ability to measure the flow rates and temperatures of the  the world’s oldest and largest occupied castle’s heating system to assess current and ongoing performance.

The BFU-100-RF ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters were selected by our client because they offer a cost effective solution with high levels of performance.

With simple installation and no need to cut into the existing pipe-work, unlike traditional in-line heat meter technologies, the sensors can be easily Clamped-on to the outside of the pipe meaning no contact with the internal fluid.

Fitted with a pulse output, the meters were linked to wireless data loggers which collected energy consumption and temperature information. A handheld collector meant the client was able to collect data from each location periodically via a wireless connection.

The flexibility of the flow meter also meant it could be used on a variety of pipe sizes and materials for both horizontal and vertical applications.