Mag Meter Installed at New Pirate Themed Aquarium

Taking you on a journey underwater through a fantasy pirate world of lost treasure, sunken ships and fascinating marine life. Introducing the brand new aquarium located on Skegness seafront.

The multi-million pound attraction, which opened on the 25th June, hosts a number of tanks housing an incredible variety of fish, from venomous predators to colourful shoals of tropical fish. The facility has a main large tank and several smaller innovative aquariums.

Skegness Aquarium


The main tank holds 40,000 litres of water and two storage tanks also hold 40,000 litres each, which are used to condition the water of the main tank, as well as sub-systems. With inherent advantages over more conventional water meters, the ModMag M2000, electromagnetic flow meter from Badger Meter was selected as an element of the water system by the construction company who undertook the project.

Construction site manager Peter Kent of K-Net Construction said: Building an aquarium is an extremely delicate process and we need to make sure construction is perfect, as we are not dealing with just a building, but a whole life-support network.

Engineered for long lasting performance the M2000 features a non-intrusive open-flow tube that has no moving parts to wear or impede the flow stream and has an accuracy of ±0.25%. The backlit, four line display shows all flow measuring data, daily and complete information, including alarm messages. The integrated set-up and test tools make for an easy to use general purpose water flow meter.

We are a UK representative of Badger Meter. Visit our website for more information on the M2000 Modmag.