Borehole Application Controlling Water Abstraction

Aug 26, 2016

Bell Flow Systems were recently approached by a customer who operated five boreholes and was limited by license to the volume of water he could draw from each borehole on a daily basis. A system was required to ensure automatic compliance with the abstraction agreement in place.
We provided a solution to measure the water flow and then to close a valve when the maximum allowed volume was reached from each borehole in a Twenty Four hour period. The systems was designed to automatically start the process over again each day.

Our Multi-jet water meters equipped with pulse output were installed in-line with a quality solenoid valve as well as F117 Fluidwell digital display monitors, which measure the volume of water then trigger the solenoid valve to close once the operator configured amount is reached. We incorporated 24hr timers into the system to ensure that daily allowances were controlled accordingly.
The BETA multi-jet water meters are WRAS approved and MID certified featuring compact form and tamper proof design, they can be equipped with a variety of pulse output options. The meters are designed for general purpose and commercial metering applications.