Calibration Services

Flow Meter Calibration Service

Where accurate flow measurements are required or even critical, it is imperative that the flow meter being used is producing correct and consistent results. Only by calibrating a flow meter can you provide assurance that it is performing accurately and within its stated specifications.

Our in-house UKAS traceable flow meter calibration facility offers low cost, flexible calibration services for flow meters of many measuring principles and sizes. The test rigs can test water, oil and micro flow meters between 1/4" and 4 in size and can handle flow rates from 0.001 litres up to 1000 litres per minute. This service allows us to offer re-calibrations of existing flow meters that are no longer performing correctly and also provide new flow meters pre-prepared for their application to reduce any inaccurate calibration assumptions being made onsite.

All meter calibrations are issued with a certificate to ensure that all flow meters calibrated by us offer repeatable, accurate measurement, guaranteed.

Water Calibration

Water calibration rig :: Pipe sizes DN15 to DN200 (max 1000 L/min)

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Oil Calibration

Oil calibration rig :: Pipe sizes DN15 to DN50 (max 400 L/min)

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On-site Commissioning

On-site Commissioning & Calibration by CSCS card holders

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