Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter Suitable for Open Channel Pipes

Oct 3, 2016

The Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter from Mainstream Measurements uses the area-velocity method giving a continuous or time sample measurement of fluid flow. The high performance meter is designed for users wanting to measure water velocity, level and flow in basic open channel and part-filled pipe applications. Sensor high sensitivity means the meter is suitable for various applications including waste water treatment, industrial flow measurement, irrigation channels and canals, river/stream flow measurement, sewer flow measurement and water distribution.

Key features of the Compact Fixed AV-Flow Meter include high capacity internal data logger, easy to install- no flume or weirs required, an optional ATEX sensor available for hazardous area applications, 4 MB data logger memory with data retention of up to 20 years and additional smart power saving mode which automatically reduces the measurement time for high flow velocities and high signal qualities.  With a streamlined velocity probe, the sensor eliminates fouling and reduces the flow disturbances. The ultrasound signal quality monitor also offers verification of the quality of data.

The Compact Fixed system also offers a multitude of outputs including 4-20ma and pulse output for flow rate, velocity, level or flow quantity, with GPRS output options also available. Two opto-isolated switches allow the user to external trigger based on flow, level, velocity, signal conditions. Meters include a bi-directional velocity range for forward and reverse velocities of 10mm/s to 5m/s.