Coriolis Flow Meter 40mm, Stainless Steel Construction, LCD Display, Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485 Outputs

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Coriolis Flow Meter 40mm
320 - 32,000 kg/hr Allowable range *
Mass Measurement Liquid & Gas
Stainless Steel Construction
LCD Display AC & DC options

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BF1001 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter 40mm

Measurement of Liquid or Gas
Stainless Steel Construction
Local or remote Back-lit Display, AC & DC options
320- 32,000 kg/hr measurable range *
(* Target range can vary with accuracy option chosen)


    This highly Accurate Design of flow meter measures,
    Mass flow as well as Volumetric flow, Density, Temperature
    and even pressure.

    BF1001 models have no moving parts and therefore
    require minimal upkeep. They can be installed
    without flow conditioning or straight pipe runs.

    U Tube Coriolis Flow Meter 80mm
    The Coriolis principle operates independently of viscosity and
    density to give you unrivalled measurement results on even
    the most demanding applications including slurries, Non-Newtonian
    liquids, water-cut ratio and corrosive gases.
    DN mm 40mm
    Display Type / Temp of Medium Local Display (-50 to 125C)

    Remote Display (-50 to 200C)

    Remote Display / Hi Temp (-50 to 300C)

    Remote Display / LowTemp (-150 to 125C)
    Sensor Style U Tube design
    Transmitter / Display DSP - Back-lit model (Remote or locally mounted)
    Power Supply 18-30VDC or 18-265VAC - See options
    Comms RS485 Mobus RTU
    Output Signals 4-20mA (Passive or Active) & Active Pulse Output
    Accuracy See options: +/-0.1%, 0.2% or 0.5%
    Pressure Rating See options: Max 16, 25, 40 or 63 Bar
    Materials 316 Stainless Steel Tubes, 304 Stainless Steel Bod