DFID Funded Smart River Project in Kenya

Jun 21, 2012
RF working with Oxford University on this project along the Burguret River in
Nanyuki, Kenya chose Bell Flow to supply remote smart metering products.
The project will demonstrate the use of this technology in Kenya, allow accurate
water abstraction figures to be be taken, help to develop equitable billing systems
for water use in local projects and improve water resource management within
the catchment.
This project was supplied with seven Smart GSM enabled Magnetic flowmeters
of 150mm and 200mm sizes. The battery powered Badger M5000 was chosen
for it's long service life and the SMS logger for it's capability to provide daily or hourly
meter readings. The meters have no moving parts and so are ideal for metering raw
river water and the remote installation locations can now be  accessed and congured
via Text :: SMS by approved personnel without having to actually visit the sites. 
Battery Powered mag meter GSM Logger :: SMS capability