DipperLog Ground Water Level Loggers

Feb 25, 2021

The dipperLog 128+, Tough+, Vented+ and barLog all have a memory capacity of 128,000 pressure and temperature data sets. They are equipped with a NIST Traceable temperature sensor, for the most accurate temperature readings you can find in a data logger.

The dipperLogis a highly accurate groundwater data logger used by hydrogeologists, hydrologists, environmental technicians, water well contractors and other groundwater professionals. The dipperLog is a reliable and cost effective solution to long and short term monitoring of groundwater levels and temperature in wells, boreholes and open bodies of water.

All Heron loggers are available in various deployment options:

1) Suspended Version – pull the dipperLog out of the well to download
2) Direct Read Version – enables you to do real time readings and download your data while the dipperLog is still in the well.
3) Reel Version – a portable solution, ideal for short term slug and pump testing


30 pcs DipperLog 128+ models complete with Individual Calibrations, Software and Carry Cases leaving us for a Wetland research application today


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