Wireless Pulse Transmitter :: Receiver

The TelePulse system places those awkwardly situated pulses just where you need them.
Ideal for remoteGas Meters, Water meters, Energy Meters, Electricity meters and Oil meters.

Using wireless technology,TelePulse regenerates your pulses, without loss, a few hundred
metres from their source. No need for long cable runs or civil engineering work. A single pair
of units will transmit eight sets of pulses up to 350 metres. Multiple systems can be used in
the same vicinity and the range can be extended by the use of repeaters. Whether its building
to building, across roads and car parks or to and from continuously moving machinery, TelePulse
is the answer.

The Facts

Save time and money on cabling and installation
Easy to install
No planning regulations
Re-configurable via radio link
→ Very convenient for both long and short-term monitoring applications