Engine Fuel Consumption for Italian Helicopter Company

May 9, 2017

Bell Flow Systems has recently been approached by an Italian helicopter company for help with engine fuel consumption on their test rigs.

Having discussed the application our recommendation was to use the Macnaught oval gear flow meters as these are widely used across many different industries for exactly this type of application. We ourselves have used these meters on busses, trucks, generators and even diesel powered cement mixers.

On this particular occasion the typical fuel circuit to be tested required only a single flow meter to be used and the Macnaught MX06.was chosen. With a Stainless Steel Body and Rotors this ¼” BSP ported meter gives a flow range of 0.5 to 100 l/h and pressure rating up to 69 Bar.

The pulses generated by the rotating rotors are picked up by an ATEX Intrinsically safe pick up and are collected by a remote mounted display mounted within the test rig to show the flow rate and total consumption. The aim of the test is to be able to prove that engine consumption is being improved and up until now there has been no basepoint from which to start.

The meter is currently being installed within the test rig along with some other modifications which include data logging of the test results. We hope to bring more news of this application in the near future.