Series UFX Hand-held Doppler Flow Meter

Battery Powered Ultrasonic Doppler Flow Meter
Dynasonics UFX Doppler Flow Meters provide accurate and reliable flow velocity assessments in closed pipe, liquid systems.
Easy to use flow verification instrument for industrial and municipal applications including :

paper pulp stock
concrete slurries
primary sludge and waste activated sludge

UFX requires that the liquid be either solids-bearing or aerated at a minimum of 100 ppm. The product utilizes a single, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of metal or plastic pipe. Within seconds after placing the transducer, the large LCD will provide a velocity reading in either FPS (feet per second) or MPS (meters per second).

The UFX ultrasonic meter comes with a flow calculator/slide chart for conversion of velocity measurements to popular volumetric measurements.

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