Ground Water Monitoring

The LeveLine instruments in the collection feature highly sensitive pressure sensors for detecting small changes in water level. The Barometric is an air pressure logger required to be used with the absolute LevelLine. The water loggers are suitable for both surface and ground water level logging and can be used with the QuickDeploy key to initiate pre-set logging regime and with the GPS meter for real time monitoring, full logger set up and GPS tagging of a deployment site.
The LeveLine water level loggers are made from titanium or stainless steel and are suitable for use in virtually any environment. The Absolute LeveLine includes a large memory of 500,000 data points and its own internal lithium battery for at least 5 years of logging. The Barometric logger features a 150,000 data point memory and internal battery. Whereas the LeveLine-Mini has the memory and battery removed for a reduction in size and cost enabling the logger to be used with the AquaTel telemetry system.