Conductivity, Temperature and Water Level Meters

Conductivity, temperature and Water level meters allow for accurate and reliable measurement of the conductivity and temperature in ground water and surface water. Typical applications include boreholes, wells, stand pipes and bodies of open water. The meter themselves are designed to allow the user to lower the probe of the meter through a water column and identify areas which show a change in conductivity or temperature. The units themselves are simple to use and can also be easily calibrated for conductivity, to ensure accuracy when out in the field. The meter makes an ideal companion when used as an early indicator for changes in a water system, typically due to saline intrusion at coastal locations.
Why use Heron conductivity, temperature and water level meters?
♦ Ability to measure conductivity up to 80,000 µS
♦ Tape lengths available from 30 to 300m
♦ IP65 electronic module
♦ IP68 Probe – field replaceable
♦ High quality Polyethylene jacketed steel tape
♦ 5 year warranty, with a 1 year warranty on the probe

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