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  • DIVER - USB Reading Unit
    DIVER - USB Reading Unit
    Diver water level logger USB reading unit for data collection to PC, Laptop, or Pocket-PC. Allows for Data collection, alteration of program settings and start / stop of the Diver Datalogger.


    £180.00 inc VAT
    SKU: 11.11.68
    Diver -Mate III
    Diver-Mate III allows the user to donwload data from Diver water level loggers without a laptop
    Eliminates the risk of reprogramming or stopping a Diver water level logger
    Fast and reliable download of Data
    £234.00 inc VAT
  • DIVER DDC Interface Cable
    DIVER DDC Interface Cable
    Diver USB Interface Cable 
    Connects Laptop, PC or Pocket PC to Diver Water Level Logger via Diver data cable
    Download Data
    Program Settings
    Start / Stop the Diver Water Level Logger
    £214.80 inc VAT
  • DIVER Data Cable
    DIVER Data Cable
    Diver Data Cable
    Download Diver data from the top of well 
    Lengths available from 1 - 200m
    special lengths available up to 500m
    £105.60 inc VAT
  • DIVER Copper Shield
    DIVER Copper Shield
    Diver Copper Shield
    For use with CTD Diver to protect against bio-fouling
    Easily attaches to sensor
    Reduces maintenance and time onsite
    £66.00 inc VAT
  • DIVER-DCX Communication Module
    DIVER-DCX Communication Module
    SKU: 11.11.80
    Diver DCX SDI-12 / MODBUS Interface
    Specially desgined for intergration into telemetry systems
    Real-Time data from Diver water level loggers
    Built-in barometric compensation
    £258.00 inc VAT