Leveline Water Level Loggers

Aquaread are a manufacturer of a wide range of equipment for the measurement of both water level and water quality sensors. Their products offer a high level of quality, at an affordable price. With a range of products for handheld water quality measurement kits through to multi-parameter water quality probes for long term, continuous monitoring applications. All equipment offered by Aquaread is designed for operation in the harshest environments, offering precise and reliable measurement. 

Leveline Water Loggers

The Leveline groundwater level data logger range offers the user a high quality instrument at an economical price. The Leveline can be used for both short and long term groundwater and surface water monitoring applications. Available in both non vented (absolute) instruments where a Leveline Baro sensor is required for barometric compensation and vented (Gauge) instruments which automatically compensate for barometric pressure.
Easy to use
♦ Simple yet effective PC software
♦ Large 500,000 data set memory
♦ Up to 10 year battery life
♦ Multiple deployment options – suspended version, reel version, well head readout version
♦ SDI-12 and Modbus output
♦ Quick Deploy key available for fast deployment
♦ Logging down to 10 readings per second
♦ Titanium construction for deployment in all environments
♦ Short and long term groundwater level and temperature monitoring
♦ River level measurement
♦ Flood and storm monitoring
♦ Landfill Leachate Monitoring
♦ Pump and slug testing
♦ Wetland studies
♦ Tidal studies
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  • Leveline water level data logger
    Leveline water level data logger
    SKU: LL
    Gauge and absolute versions available
    level ranges available from 10 - 200m
    titanium construction - sutiable for harsh environments
    SDI-12  / modbus output
    can be used with GPS Leveline or quick deploy key
    £502.80 inc VAT
  • Leveline Barometric Logger
    Leveline Barometric Logger
    Barometric data logger for use with Leveline Absolute sensors
    Stainless steel construction
    150,000 data point memory
    SDI-12  / modbus output
    can be used with GPS Leveline or quick deploy key
    £418.80 inc VAT
  • Leveline Mini Water Level / Temperature Sensor
    Leveline Mini Water Level / Temperature Sensor
    SKU: LL-Mini
    Absolute level measurement
    level ranges available from 10 - 200m
    Stainless Steel construction 
    SDI-12  / modbus output
    can be used with Aquatel system for level / flood monitoring
    £496.80 inc VAT
  • Leveline Meter
    Leveline Meter
    SKU: LL-200
    Portable Meter for use with the LeveLine water level sensors
    Can be used for Live readings and programming / data download
    Records GPS deployment (viewable via Google Earth)
    Built in Pressure sensor for atmospheric measurement
    £718.80 inc VAT
  • Leveline QuickDeploy Key
    Leveline QuickDeploy Key
    Useful tool for Leveline deployment
    Initiate scheduled logging
    Check Leveline battery and memory
    Conduct a "zero" calibration of Leveline depth reading
    £82.80 inc VAT